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LA Bobcat Spring Mayhem Tournament Recap

10u runner ups, 14u orange runner ups, 13u white champs, 14u black champs

Congrats to all players and teams who participated in the LA Bobcats Spring Mayhem! We were fortunate to have 10 Hawk Hoops teams participate in the tournament with six teams making it to the semi final round. Four teams advance to the championship game with the 13u white and 14u black winning the championship game. Great weekend of competition for all teams.

Mickey Kadowaki (13u white) and Damien Ruiz (14u Black)

Most Valuable Players

Mickey Kadowaki (13u white) and Damien Ruiz (14u Black) was sensational with their play in the LA Bobcat Spring Mayhem tournament. They are new comers to their teams. They really took advantage of their opportunities, displaying all aspects of their game..defense, ball handling, making the right plays and just as important being unselfish with team play. They stood out and was a big part of their team wining a tough championship game. Great to see them have a fantastic tournament. #hawkhoops

John Yoo, Gabby Robinson, Malachi Jefferson, Cruz Billings, and Mike Smith

Outstanding Performers

These players were selected as tournament outstanding players not only for their productivity on the court but their attitude that they displayed and contribution to their team making it to the championship game.Congrats to John Yoo, Gabby Robinson Malachi Jefferson, Cruz Billings and Mike Smith.

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